练 习 题 答 案

I. Vocabulary

1-5 A C D A A     6-10 B D D D C       11-15 B B D C B      16-20 C C C B C

21-25 B A B A B   26-30 C C B C B       31-35 A B B C B      36-40 B A B A B

41-45 A A B D D   46-50 D B D A C

II. Structure

51-55 C D D D D     56-60 C D C C A       61-65 B D A B C      66-70 B D B C B

71-75 C D C A A     76-80 C C B C B

III. Error Detection

81-85 D D C C A     86-90 D A B B D       91-95 C D A A B      96-100 A A B D A

101-105 A A B C D   106-110 C B B C A

IV. Reading Comprehension

111-115 A C A D B    116-120 C D A C A    121-125 D A C D A    126-130 D C C B B

131-135 C A B A D   136-140 B D C C A     141-145 A D B D A    146-150 C D A C C

V. Cloze

1-5 B A C C B     6-10 A A C B A       11-15 C B A A C      16-20 A D B B C

21-25 D B B A C   26-30 B D B B C      31-35 A B C B D      36-40 A C B B A

VI. Translation

Part A

1. A sunset is one of the most beautiful sights in nature.

2. It took us two hours to arrive at a decision.

3. A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time.

4. When do you plan to finish reading that book?

5. In some countries, the unemployed are driven to begging.

6. Her success encouraged all of us to work even harder.

7. This work lasted two years and a half.

8. It took me a week to finish reading the book.

9. It has been proved by experiments that the theory is correct.

10. You can imagine how sad he was.

11. The only language that seems easy to learn is the mother tongue.

12. How do I know what to do and what not to do?

13. I gave him twice as much as I usually give to a porter.

14. Nancy wanted very much to join in the discussion, but was too shy to speak.

15. The village is named after the high mountain that stands in front of it.

Part B

1. 她不想去公园。我也不想去。

2. 这也许就是他多次失败的原因。

3. 她真不知道怎样才能保护孩子们使他们不着凉。

4. 新朋友和新经历将有助于孩子们理解力的增长。

5. 六十多年来, 他一直在全心全意地为祖国服务。

6. 我的朋友直到六点钟才来。

7. 但愿我绝不同他打交道。

8. 无论有何困难,他们都必须挣扎着活下去,别无选择。

9. 春雨过后,小树长得很快。

10. 对他来说,没有什么计划是难以实现的。

11. 对我来说,越早越好。

12. 这项工作对专家是件易事;但对一个毫无经验的人则很难。

13. 过街前他们左右看了看。

14. 没有电视机的干扰,他们也许会围坐在一起,当真交谈起来。

15. 如果没有你的帮助,我们的实验不可能在如此短的时间内取得成功。