1---5  D B D A B   6---10 C B C A C   11---15 C D D A D   16---20 C D A C C

21---25 B C A D A  26---30 C C B D D   31---35 A B C D C   36---40 D A C A A

41---45 D C D B C  46-50 B B D A C    51---55 D C A C D   56---60 B A B B B

61---65 C D B A C  66---70 D D C A C

71.      When do you plan to finish reading that book?

72.      She doesn’t want to go to the park. Neither do I.

73.      It took me a week to finish reading the book.

74.      We will do our best to meet your special needs.

75.      You will soon get used to this way of life.

76.      Her success encouraged all of us to work even harder.

77.      It is said that fish can recognize not only colors but also shapes.

78.      I guess she has probably made a wrong decision.

79.      In some countries with advanced industries, there are still a number of social problems.

80.  It has been proved by experiments that the theory is correct.

81.  When I need rest I don’t want to do anything.

82.  You can imagine how sad he was.

83.  Can you produce this kind of machine in great numbers?

84.  She really did not know how to protect her children from catching cold.

85.  Our classroom is ten meters by five.

86.  这位老人如此虚弱多病,因此不在乎自己是死还是活。

87.  温暖的天气之后接着下了一个月的雨。

88.  我们必须采取步骤阻止这个计划的实施。

89.  对于他来说,没有什么计划是难以实现的。

90.  新朋友和新经历将有助于增长孩子们的理解力。

91.  无论有何困难,他们都必须挣扎着活下去,别无选择。

92.  他多年来一直在与疾病作斗争。

93.  这个袋子很轻,好像里面什么东西都没有。

94.  我们开设有不同程度的计算机课程。

95.  我遗失了写有我的全部学生名字的那张纸。

96.  售票处的人问我要几张票。

97.  在我们国家,还有不少人认为干体力活是下贱的。

98.  我的朋友直到六点钟才露面。

99.  你们确定了开会的明确日子吗?

100.  我确信曾在字典上查过这个词。